Gigatent Canopies

Gigatent Canopies - Camping Tents - Pop Up Tents was founded in order to fill the need for reasonably priced, well constructed tents that only use the most durable fabrics. All our efforts are to ensure you that we will always strive to provide you with affordable tents of excellent quality. Expert craftwmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction are our main objectives.

Gigatent Canopies are the link between the excessively expensive tents and the "too good to be true" Inexpensive "disposable" tent. We have years of experience in catering to the European, African , and Middle Eastern Markets. This world-wide experience has afforded us the opportunity to perfect our extensive lines of goods and services.

Our Customers Say:

US Federal Contractor Registration is the leader in the Canopy and Tent Industry.