Impact Canopy DISPLAY DOME 10' Tent Shelter

Impact Canopy DISPLAY DOME 10' Tent Shelter


The new 10' Display Dome by Impact Canopy will be sure to attract plenty of attention at tradeshows, vendor events, craft fairs or your sporting event! This pole-to-pole event tent is easily set up by two people in about 10 minutes and fits well within a 10x10 tradeshow area.

The lightweight anodized aluminum poles snap together in minutes forming a beautiful domed area that provides ample headroom for everyone. The industry-grade 500 denier fire retardant fabric is water resistant and UV protection coated!!

Full printing is available for this amazing structure! Contact Amy at 877-488-5483 ext. 3 for more details or e-mail her at


Canopy Canopy Canopy  

  • Many colors to choose from!
  • You can mix and match the top and cupola(triangular peak) if you like!
  • 500 denier material!
  • Water repellent, UV coated, and fire retardant (CPA 184, UCLS 109 and NFPA 701)



  • Includes: Anodized aluminum frame, fabric top, cupola (triangular peak), roller bag.
  • Frame poles snap together in minutes!
  • Available accessories are: Sidewalls, Visor, Rubber footplate or weight bags, connecting tunnel.


Canopy Canopy 


  • Graphics are available by contacting Amy, our graphics coordinator at (877)488-5483, ext. 3 or by emailing her at


Canopy Canopy

  • Don't get caught out in the rain! Always be prepared.
  • Buy this canopy today and smiles will be everywhere.



Dimensions:  10' x 10'
Total Weight: 60 lbs.
Fire Rating: Meets CPA 184, UCLS 109 and NFPA701 fire retardancy standards
Entrance Height 6' 9"
Pole Material: Anodized Aluminum
Canopy Material: 500 Denier Polyurethane Coated Polyester
Total Height: 11' 8"

This canopy is a temporary shelter and NOT TO BE LEFT ALONE! If inclement weather arrives then you need to take this canopy down. Extended rain and winds in excess of 10-15 MPH will damage and or destroy your canopy. Water that collects on the top will also destroy the top and frame so NEVER LEAVE YOUR CANOPY UNATTENDED!

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