This site is hosted by Yahoo! Store. Yahoo! hosts the store pages, ordering system, and order data. Yahoo! automatically collects order information but may only use this information in the aggregate. If you accessed this store through Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! also automatically collects information about your shopping experience. Please see the Yahoo! Privacy Policy for more information about how Yahoo! uses this information. respects the confidentiality of your personal information and privacy of your shopping experience. Your personal information will never be sold or given to a third party. It will only be made available to those directly involved in the transaction of your order and specifically for the purpose of order management and payment protection.

Protecting Your Payment Information employs key security measures to protect your privacy and bank card information. We use the strongest consumer-to-merchant encryption available (SSL) to protect the transmission of bank card data from your computer to our online storefront. We also use a secure commerce messaging protocol between our site and those who process your transactions to ensure privacy of your information. All data transferred between our site and Paymentech, our transaction services provider, uses tamper-evident encryption and authenticated messaging that makes it impossible for anyone to tamper with your data without it being detected and ensures only trusted parties are sending and receiving transaction information. Further, an audit trail exists for every transaction. Neither, nor other "Protected Buy" merchants can deny processing a transaction through Paymentech. Your payment information cannot be used without a record of the transaction being logged and traced to the requesting merchant.

Detecting and Preventing Credit Card Fraud Before it Happens
To afford you continued shopping convenience and ensure the ongoing health of our business we use Paymentech Internet Fraud Screen enhanced by Visa. This service helps detect high risk transactions and prevent credit card fraud before it happens-with negligible impact on legitimate purchases. Using this service we are able to identify high risk transactions and decide in a fair and timely way whether or not to continue processing the order. This service helps to protect you from unauthorized use of your payment information at all "Protected Buy" member sites.

The Transaction Information We Collect and How is it Used collects information during your transaction which makes it easier to process and fulfill your order in a quick and convenient manner. Depending on the transaction type and how frequently you shop at our site, we may request your credit card number and expiration date to complete your transaction; a shipping name and address to ensure proper delivery; a billing name and address, and email or phone number to contact you in case of problem with your order or a billing issue.

Sometimes your order information is compared with data from a trusted service to identify potential misuse of credit card information and high risk orders. For example greater scrutiny may be required if the billing and shipping address do not match. Such an order could be a legitimate gift purchase, but it could also be symptomatic of a fraudulent order. For your protection as well as ours, we initiate cardholder verification calls when the order appears to have a higher level of risk.

How We Validate Customer and Payment Information aspires to process your credit card transaction, as well as your complete order, swiftly and accurately. Simple validity checks are performed on customer information make sure that zip codes, area codes and addresses match up. These procedures help to identify mistakes that can cause shipping errors or result in declined credit authorizations, and may uncover fraudulent transactions. Once the card data is entered accurately, it is validated with your bank using the secure messaging procedures noted previously.

Please Contact if Your Purchase is Declined
In the unlikely event your order is declined, encourages you to discuss the situation with one of our service representatives. We will promptly process your order if we have declined it in error, and take measures to streamline your future purchases. If we are not able to authorize purchase, we believe you are entitled to know the reasons why and will be happy to discuss the matter with you.

Making a Claim
Should you discover unauthorized charges on your credit card within 60 days of your purchase, you should:

1- Report the charges to your credit card company immediately.

2- Report the charges to's Fraud Department. If the fraudulent charges resulted through no fault of your own, we will then credit your credit card up to a maximum of $50 and send you a letter that confirms our reimbursement.

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