King Canopy 10 x 10 Greenhouse

10 x 10 Greenhouse King Canopy


10 x 10 Greenhouse King Canopy

The Greenhouse is durable with its 1 3/8 frame and bottom rails to give more stability against weather. The Greenhouse has a one-piece rip-stop cover that is UV protected for three years. This cover also has a zippered door and rear vent for ventilation.

With 6 legged 1 3/8 Powder Coated Frame and a 2 Year Cover

Product Information
Dimensions:  10x10
Peak Height: 8'
Weight:  99 lbs
Bag Dimensions: NA
Pole Material: 1 3/8 Frame
Height to Valance: NA
Canopy Material: Rip Stop Cover
Sidewall Height: 5'2"
Sidewall Material Zip Door
Warranty: 2 Year Limited
This canopy is a temporary shelter and NOT TO BE LEFT ALONE! If inclement weather arrives then you need to take this canopy down. Extended rain and winds in excess of 10-15 MPH will damage and or destroy your canopy. Water that collects on the top will also destroy the top and frame so NEVER LEAVE YOUR CANOPY UNATTENDED!

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