Trail Dome 6 Kelty Camping Tents

Kelty Trail Dome 6 Kelty Camping Tents

An ideal family-camping tent that offers a view of the stars at the campground or in the backcountry. A simple pole design and clip-sleeve construction make this tent a snap to pitch.

Tent Basecamp Technology Trail Dome

tentDAC DA17 poles
DA17 pre-bent poles are made of proprietary aluminum alloy designed by DAC specifically for tents. By using this alloy, we get a large diameter pole with high stiffness, strength and durability at a cost only a little above inexpensive fiberglass poles. This makes for a tent that is less expensive than the Featherlite or Pressfit pole models, but still touts the durability, lighter weight and benefits of aluminum over fiberglass.

tentColor-coded clip-sleeve construction
Clip/sleeve construction eases the set up on larger tents where it would be difficult to reach the clips on the top or center of the tent. The clips connecting the poles to the tent are color-coded so set-up is easy and quick. The sleeves help increase the strength of the tent and the clips provide excellent ventilation.


tentArcEdge floor
A tent floor where the edges come a few inches up the sides before connecting with the tent walls. The ArcEdge floor is a great waterproof design because it has no seams in contact with the ground where water might seep in.



tentWatertight Walls
WTW (Water Tight Wall) construction keeps the doors and windows from leaking, even in driving rain. All exposed walls are constructed of coated fabrics with the seams shingled downward to shed water. Exposed windows and doors have wide flaps covering the edges so they CAN NOT leak at the zipper even in high winds.


tentFly vents
All Kelty tents have aerodynamic venting systems to regulate temperature and reduce condensation.



Noiseless zipper pulls
Noiseless zipper pulls are lighter weight than standard zippers and they resist jingling when its windy.

Internal storage pockets
Mesh organizer walls, bookshelves and pockets keep everything tidy and right at arms reach when you need it.

Seasons: 3
Capacity: 6 person
Minimum weight: 13 lb. 6 oz. / 6.07 kg
Packaged weight: 14 lb. 8 oz. / 6.58 kg
Floor area: 100 ft2 / 9.3 m2
Vestibule area: NA
Length: 120 / 305 cm
Width: 120 / 305 cm
Height: 72 / 183 cm
Number of poles: 4
Pole type: Two 14.5mm DAC DA17 aluminum poles + two 9mm aluminum awning poles
Number of vestibules: 0
Number of doors: 2
Number of mesh windows: 3
Packaged diameter: 10 / 25 cm
Packaged Length: 30 / 76 cm
Wall material: 68D 190T polyester taffeta
Floor material: 1800mm PU nylon taffeta
Fly Material: 75D 190T, 1800 mm PU polyester-taffeta

Tent Body Features

  • ArcEdge floor
  • Ta

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