King Canopy Sun Shade Sail Extension Pole Kit

King Canopy Sun Shade Sail Extension Pole Kit

Now available is the Shade Sail Extension Kit. This kit is perfect for installing your shade sail when you don't have all your required attachment points.

The extension pole allows you to add a sturdy and secure attachment point(s) and will also adjust in height to give you more or less height.

The 2" Aluminum Pole is not only very strong, but will look very nice when your installation is complete.


Heavy Duty 2" Hexagon Aluminum Frame

Push Button Height Adjust

Base Plate for Anchoring

Top Plate for Guying Out and Attaching Shade Sail

Includes Two (2) 8 inch spikes, Two (2) 15" Screw In Anchors, 30' Feet of Rope and 1 Snap Clip

Dimensions of Base and Top Plate are: 5" x 5" with Three (3) 3/8 inch holes.

Low Extended Height: 8'5"

Maximum Extended Height: 9'2"

Weight: 11 lbs.


NOTE: If you do not have an attachment point on a wall of your home or a fixed point you will need a pole for each corner. 1 Pole is needed for a Triangle Shade Sail, 2 Poles are needed for a Quadrilateral Shade Sail when the other corners have alternative attachment points. You may need to purchase a Shade Sail Hardware Pack to attach your Shade Sail to a wall or other fixed point. It will take 2 people for the installation.

  1. Whether using a Triangle or Quadrilateral the attachment is the same way.
  2. Find a location for your Shade Sail to attach to a fixed point.
  3. Stand the Shade Sail Extension Pole upright with the baseplate on a flat surface.
  4. Near the bottom of the pole there is a push button that will release the upper section to be extended upward. There are 5 adjustment holes for your desired height.
  5. In this kit there is 30 feet of inch rope. Cut this in half. Tie 1 section of the rope through each of the outer holes on the upper plate.
  6. Put the snap clip in the center hole and attach this to the metal loop at the corner of the Shade Sail.
  7. Extend the pole upward to your desired height.
  8. Move the pole outward away from the fixed point of attachment until it feels tight.
  9. While 1 person is holding the pole upright, put 2 nail spikes through the outer holes on the base plate.
  10. Measure out from the base plate approximately 2 to 3 feet, depending on your space; screw both anchors into the dirt or grass as shown in the diagram.
  11. Pull the loose ends of each rope through each eyelet of the anchors, pull snug and tie the loose end of the rope back to the lead part of the rope. This is done to stabilize the pole in place.

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