Kamp Rite Midget Trailrat

Kamp Rite Midget Trailrat

Taking the bicycle trailer to the next level, the Trail Rat is by far the best commuting trailer on one wheel.

Comprising a full hand-welded and engineered aluminum frame, the trailer is super tough and will compete well above its competitors on a number of levels.

Unique Quad-Hitch System generates unsurpassed stability and control of the trailer.

Inner lined backpack included, safety flag and lights.


Full Hand-Welded Powder coated Aluminum Frame.

Quad-Hitch Technology for Superior Trailer Stability and Control.

Rear Suspension System.

Superior Quality Fabrics with Integrated Reflective Technology.

Easy Use, Corrosion Resistant Zippers - Waterproof.

Rear Tail Lights.

Quality Clips and Buckles.

Inbuilt Rain Covers for All Configurations - High Visibility.

Fully Integrated Lined Backpack.

Mudguard. Fully Adjustable Hitching Harness - Will Fit Any Bike.

Telescopic Pull Handle and Roller Wheels for Suitcase Configuration.

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