Avant Garden Nautical Collection Fathom Wild Bird Feeder

Avant Garden Nautical Collection Fathom Wild Bird Feeder

The Nautical Collection Deep blue waves crash upon the ship starboard while bright white sails whip in the wind as the ships bow turns up towards the sky and breaks downward against cold ocean watersa

Craft your nautical theme with robust accent decor featuring brassy undertones and rugged copper finishes, dark wooden seating, rope-style rugs, and maritime artifacts such as barometers and vintage maps.

Add one of our nautical style wild bird feeders to complete your seafaring setting.

This eye-catching tube style ocean-inspired wild bird feeder will draw both compliments and birds when you display it on your patio, porch, or deck or in your backyard.

The Avant Garden Fathom wild bird feeder, Marque, part of our Lifestyle Nautical Collection, sports sea creatures surrounding the aqueous blue tube.

Constructed from metal and plastic, it has a .85 lb. seed capacity and 4 feeding ports.

This fun wild bird feeder is completed with oxidized copper accents.

Remember to clean your feeder once every two weeks with a mild soap and water solution.

.85 lb seed capacity

4 feeding ports

Constructed from metal and plastic

Ocean-colored tube style feeder decorated with sea creatures -- Part of the Nautical Collection in our Lifestyle Collection series

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