10 x 10 Undercover Canopy UC-3 COMMERCIAL ANODIZED ALUMINUM Popup-Shade EZ Pop Up Tent

10 x 10 Undercover Canopy UC-3 COMMERCIAL ANODIZED ALUMINUM Popup-Shade EZ Pop Up Tent

Nothing can compare to the Undercover UC-3 Popup-Shade Aluminum Canopy Tent that is best for outdoor vending, lightweight commercial or home and leisure applications

There's now added value in this package such as a deluxe wheel spin-bag, and anchoring spikes. 

Because of It's lightweight construction it allows for one-person operation and setup, within seconds. We even have a videos for you to see just how easy it is to assemble this awesome canopy!

It is a best seller for two main reasons, it's super lightweight (only 29lbs) and incredibly easy-to-setup. 


  • Weighs only 29 lbs
  • 300-D Polyester Top
  • Sil-X Coated 99% UV Block
  • Vented Peak 20-Degrees Cooler
  • Three Height Adjustments  84" Head-Clearance
  • 10'x10' Covers 100 SQF
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty


  • Compression Strapped Wheel Bag

Canopy Canopy

  • Anodized ALUMINUM Frame
  • Dial-a-Fit Peak Pole Extender
  • CPR Tube Reinforcement Technology

Canopy Canopy

  • Females, please take notice!  "If you're tired of lugging around heavy steel and struggling to setup each and every time, not to mention lifting the frame in and out the car nearly breaking your back, this is the choice for you!"

Canopy Canopy

  • Pinch-Proof Release Levers

Canopy Canopy

  • Don't be unprepared for the weather! Otherwise you will cry.
  • Buy this canopy now, and smiles will be everywhere!


Dimensions:  10'x10' Covers 100 SQF
Peak Height: 10.5'
Frame Weight:  24 lbs
Total Weight: 29 lbs
Bag Dimensions: 63"x12"x12"
Head Clearance: 84" 
Canopy Material: 300 Denier Polyester
Leg Width: 1 1/16"
Footprint Area: 10' x 10'
Warranty: 3 Year Limited

Fire Rating This gazebo is made with fabric that meets CPAI-84 specifications for flame resistance. It is not fire proof.

They have fundamentally figured out a way to make the working components not only thinner and lighter, but structurally stronger.  By means of advanced aluminum technology Undercover has evolved the retrograded old steel instant canopy into a whole new category of lightweight Popup-Shade.  This instant canopy is unmatched in design, quality and value.  The core strength of this aluminum frame is very impressive and will endure years of service when properly anchored.

Be sure to watch these videos clips of how to assemble this canopy and carry bag below:


Order your Aluminum UC-3 Popup-Shade Canopy Tent by Undercover today!

This canopy is a temporary shelter and NOT TO BE LEFT ALONE! If inclement weather arrives then you need to take this canopy down. Extended rain and winds in excess of 10-15 MPH will damage and or destroy your canopy. Water that collects on the top will also destroy the top and frame so NEVER LEAVE YOUR CANOPY UNATTENDED!

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