Avant Garden Beach Collection Sea Shore Wild Bird Feeder

Avant Garden Beach Collection Sea Shore Wild Bird Feeder

The Beach Collection Enjoy the small smooth stones beneath your feet as white-capped waves rush to shore from the deep blue sea, while quietly creeping closer.

Bring the beach to your backyard and revitalize your surroundings with a natural blue and sandy toned color palette.

Utilize distressed neutral candle tin to add natural light, white wooden-type furniture, and sea shell accents.

Include one or two of our beach-themed wild bird feeders to finish off your sea side getaway.

This classic beach umbrella inspired wild bird tube feeder could make you dream about beachcombing and relaxing on the sand.

The Avant Garden Sea Shore wild bird feeder, part of our Beach Collection, is constructed from metal and plastic, and sports a beach umbrella style metal top.

As an added feature, the umbrella has a stand that becomes visible as seed level falls.

This tube feeder is adorned with 4 sea shell styled ports and has an .85 lb. seed capacity.

Remember to clean your feeder once every two weeks with a mild soap and water solution.

0.85 lb seed capacity

4 feeding ports

Constructed from metal and plastic

Beach umbrella style metal top -- Part of the Beach Collection in our Lifestyle Collection series

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