Impact Canopy ALUMIX 10 x 10 Easy Pop Up Canopy Commercial Grade Tent - Awning - 4 Zipper Sidewalls

Impact Canopy ALUMIX 10 x 10 Easy Pop Up Canopy Commercial Grade Tent - Awning - 4 Zipper Sidewalls




All orders must be placed by 12:00 CST to be considered for same day shipping! This incredible 10' x 10' Canopy Pop Up Tent is one now available that is very much like the EZUP Encore Canopy! In fact, it is even a little cheaper as well. All the more reason to purchase this and have instant shade for your sporting event, tradeshow, flea market or tailgating party!

It comes with a sturdy aluminum frame with steel trusses, 500 denier top, WHITE or BLACK Awning, 4 WHITE or BLACK sidewalls, reinforced roller transport bag, and rope and spike kit! Along with a two year limited warranty and the lowest price anywhere, get this canopy today!!

These make great

food service tents


Canopy Canopy
  • Easy to use thumblock levers make putting up or taking down the canopy a breeze!
  • Canopy tops are 500 denier and made out of polyurethane coated polyester fabric.
  • Comparable to the EZUP Encore Canopy!
  • Leg size is 1.25"
  • Water resistant!



  • 4 WHITE or BLACK Sidewalls are included with this canopy!
  • Unique Detachable WHITE or BLACK Awning will add style to your canopy!


Canopy Canopy

  • Strong steel truss design provides strength and stability.
  • Aluminum high strength frame makes it lightweight for easy portability.
  • Leg size is 1.25"



  • Reinforced Roller Transport Bag is included. Opens very easily like a banana peel!


Canopy Canopy

  • Sturdy footpad will keep this canopy in place!
  • Meets CPAI-84 Fire Standard Specifications.
  • It is not fire proof.



  • Don't get caught out in the rain! Always be prepared.
  • Buy this canopy today and smiles will be everywhere.
  • Comparable to the EZUP Encore Canopy!



Dimensions:  10' x 10'
Frame Weight: 45.6 lbs.
Fire Rating: CPAI-84
Shipping Weight:  70 lbs.
Pole Material: Aluminum
Canopy Material: 500 Denier Polyurethane Coated Polyester
Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty

Take advantage of this awesome deal and buy your Alumix 10 x 10 Canopy today. Comparable to the EZUP Encore Canopy, you will be satisfied by the quality and marvel at how lightweight it is.

This canopy is a temporary shelter and NOT TO BE LEFT ALONE! If inclement weather arrives then you need to take this canopy down. Extended rain and winds in excess of 10-15 MPH will damage and or destroy your canopy. Water that collects on the top will also destroy the top and frame so NEVER LEAVE YOUR CANOPY UNATTENDED!

10 x 10 white tent

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