Kelty Car Tarp

Kelty Car Tarp

For use with a vehicle or structure, the Kelty Car Tarp is a simple, versatile, high-value shelter that provides the right amount of protection.

Shelter Basecamp Technology Car Tarp

DAC DA17 poles
DA17 pre-bent poles are made of proprietary aluminum alloy designed by DAC specifically for tents. By using this alloy, we get a large diameter pole with high stiffness, strength and durability at a cost only a little above inexpensive fiberglass poles. This makes for a tent that is less expensive than the Featherlite or Pressfit pole models, but still touts the durability, lighter weight and benefits of aluminum over fiberglass.

Nite Ize Figure 9 guyline adjusters
The Nite Ize Figure 9 eliminates the hassle and frustration of tying, adjusting and untying knots. High rope tension is easy to achieve and maintain. It is also easy to control the release of high tension without sudden unloading.

Seasons: 3
Capacity: NA
Minimum weight: 3 lb. 11oz. / 1.7 kg
Packaged weight: 4 lb. 5 oz. / 2 kg
Floor area: 110 ft2 / 10.2 m2
Vestibule area: NA
Length: 140 / 356 cm
Width: 140 / 356 cm
Height: 0 / 0 cm
Number of poles: 2
Pole type: 30mm DAC DA17 aluminum poles

Number of vestibules: NA
Number of doors: NA
Number of mesh windows: NA
Packaged diameter: 5 / 13 cm
Packaged Length: 21 / 53 cm
Wall material: NA
Floor material: NA
Fly Material: polyester taffeta Fly

Shelter Features

  • Guyout points
  • Nite Ize F9 guyline adjuster

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