Undercover Canopy Gravity-Tube Anchor System Weight Bags

Undercover Canopy Gravity-Tube Anchor System Weight Bags

Gravity-Tube Ultimate ANCHOR System!

The BEST Way To Anchor: For all types of outdoor canopies!

A revolutionary new anchoring solution that utilizes renewable Gravity Pull-Down Technology to create rock solid stability in wind.

Kit Includes: (4) Heavy Duty PVC Tubes and (4) Tension Leg Straps and NEW for 2014, an IMPROVED SPYDER-CLAW FOOTPLATE!

This footplate helps add durability and maximum upright stability, so you won't have to worry about leaning the gravity tubes against the canopy legs. It will give you peace of mind that they will not topple over.

The adaptive tubes are suspended from each upper corner leg with boat straps, sets up quickly.

Gravity-Tubes totally maximize weight and anchoring effectiveness on all types of terrain including, sand, hardpan cement and asphalt applications.

Just fill the heavy duty PVC tubes with sand, dirt rock or even water if available.

As many users know, even the slightest wind can lift a canopy in a blink-of-an eye, causing damage or total destruction to the frame.

This is the perfect anchor solution for any and all outdoor applications.

Your Complete Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

(4) PVC Gravity-Tube & Strap Anchor Kit


Fill each Tube with Sand, Rock or Water

(4) 22 liter Tubes with (4) Attaching Tension Leg Straps

Tube dimensions are: 22.5" x 10.7" x 5.75"

Weight when filled with sand, water, etc - 45 lbs.

Durable Heavy Duty PVC Construction

Adapts to All Types of Free Standing Canopies

Adds Up to 180 Pounds of Leveraged Weight

Add Sand, Rock, Dirt or Water - Setup in Minutes

* Does not include Frame or Polyester TOP

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