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The Competition

The competition's stitching is not as
durable. If the stitching breaks, the entire seam can come unraveled just
like a dog food bag.


The double-lock stitching increases the
durability and improves the appearance of your banner.

  Our Banners

The competition often uses twine rope in the top and bottom
of the banner only. Not on the sides. Seams pucker and the
banner does not lay.
Flat sear belt-type webbing is sewn into all four sides of
our banners to provide superior strength and durability.  The banner
lays flatter than typical roped banners.
The competition's twine rope is not sewn into the seam of
the banner and can pull out and pucker. It is often difficult to keep tied.  Knots can come undone, jeopardizing banner presentation.
Webbing rope will not pull out or pucker.  It ties
stronger than twine. This extends the life of the banner and improves its presentation.

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