Premier Tents 10' Apex Canopy Panorama Sidewall Kit 4 Walls (Select Color)

Premier Tents 10' Apex Canopy Panorama Sidewall Kit 4 Walls (Select Color)

Premier Canopy accessories are ONLY COMPATABLE with Premier Canopies!!

Panorama Wall Dimensions: 116" W x 83" H

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  • Apex Panorama Sidewalls are designed to allow for maximum light penetration while keeping the canopy free from wind or rain.
  • A great choice for vendors or specialty canopies where natural lighting is important.
  • These windows are constructed of lightweight transparent PVC for great visibility, while the lower portion of the walls are constructed from the same heavy duty fabric as the Apex tops.
  • The Apex Series panorama walls come with full-width Velcro across the top edge that allows for a tight, smooth seal with the valence of the canopy.
  • They also have fully zippered ends for mating to other sidewalls.
  • In addition, each have Velcro tabs for attaching the wall to the legs of the canopy for maximum strength.
  • Panorama Sidewalls are a perfect solution for those who need better lighting, but can¦t risk getting wet.
  • All Apex Series sidewalls zip together at the ends.
  • They are designed so that any combination of mesh walls, window walls or solid walls zip together for maximum flexibility in the setup of the Apex Canopy System.
  • With each sidewall set comes a middle zippered wall which allows for easy entry and exit.
  • The Apex Series sidewalls are designed for use with Apex Series canopies in either of 2 positions.
  • With the canopy legs extended to the highest position, the lower edge of the walls hangs just at ground level for hard surface installations.
  • This allows for the sidewalls to move without being damaged from dragging.
  • When the canopy is set in the 3rd highest position, the lower edge of the wall is resting on the ground by one to two inches.
  • This will allow for a much tighter seal with the ground on an uneven surface.
  • Apex Panorama Sidewalls can also be screenprinted. Contact us for details.
  • *Caution-Not for use in freezing temperatures, the PVC can become brittle.
  • The 10' Panorama Sidewall Kit includes 3 -10' Window Walls and 1 - 10' Middle Zippered Panorama Doorway.

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