Premier Tents 5 x 5 Apex Aluminum Base Price BEFORE GRAPHICS - $199.99


Please click the “Add Graphics” and upload your vector art files &/or text.
We’ll send you a complimentary rendering (mock-up) and quote.

Printing Options & Estimates

(All printing estimates given are based on vector art submission. If you do not have vector art, re-creation is available but additional fees may incur.***See bottom of page for vector definition.)

  • Dye Sublimation  (See bottom of this page for description)

    5x5 complete top - printing estimate $449.60

    Unlimited colors and designs

    Production time is 14 to 21 days

    Full Bleed Printing standard


  • Canopy Tent
  • Screen Printing   (See bottom of this page for description)

    1 color printing on 4 peaks and 4 valances -
    not available for 5x5

    2 color printing on 4 peaks and 4 valances -
    not available for 5x5

    Printing is on stock colors (see colors below)

    Production time is 17 to 21 days


  • Canopy Tent

    Selection of stock colors for canopy tops:

  • Canopy Tent White  
  • Canopy Tent Fire Brick (Close to PMS 185c)  
  • Canopy Tent Black 
  • Canopy Tent Sunset Orange (Close to PMS 485c) 
  • Canopy Tent Battleship (Close to PMS CG6c)  
  • Canopy Tent Midnight Blue (Close to PMS 282c)  
  • Canopy Tent Orchid (Close to PMS 2685c)  
  • Canopy Tent Slate Blue (Close to PMS 2955c)  
  • Canopy Tent Pumpkin Orange (Close to PMS 021c)  
  • Canopy Tent Emerald Green (Close to PMS 3425c)  
  • Canopy Tent Royal Blue (Close to PMS Reflex Blue)  
  • Canopy Tent Canary Yellow (Close to PMS Yellowc)  
  • Canopy Tent Dodger Blue (Close to PMS 293c)  
  • Canopy Tent Creme (Close to PMS 7500c)  
  • Canopy Tent Split Pea (Close to PMS 375c)  
  • Canopy Tent Grasshopper (Close to PMS 355c)  
  • Canopy Tent Mocha (Close to PMS 476c)  
  • Canopy Tent Classic Red (Close to PMS 187c)  
  • Canopy Tent Deep Sky Blue(Close to PMS 476c)  

  • Canopy Top Details 

    CPAI-84/ULC-S-109/DIN-4102-B1 compliant, water resistant, color fade resistant, 99% UV blocking protection.

    600 Denier Polyester fabric

    Canopy tops are finished off with bias strips that match the canopy's fabric color.

    Valance height is 13"


  • Canopy Tent
  • Canopy Frame Details  

    Valance head clearance at highest setting is 6' 3"

    Max peak height is 9' 3"

    Zero assembly - no loose parts or tools needed

    Non Pinch design for height adjusters

  • Canopy Tent

    Constructed from aircraft quality anodized aluminum.

    2 year Limited Warranty

    Leg size - 1 1/4" outer leg diameter (inner leg diameter is 1")

    Foot pads are bolted to the leg for extra strenth

    Nylon Composite joint fittings (added stability)

    Canopy Tent
  • Here are more pictures of the canopy frame!
  • Canopy Canopy

    Canopy Canopy Canopy

      Printing Option Descriptions

      Dye Sublimation Printing: offers a high level of color vibrancy and permanence. The process uses white fabric and your images are “dyed” into the fabric.  The embedded image will not peel, crack, fade or discolor over time.  Features include:  Photographic quality image capability:  Full color process – same price for 1 to unlimited colors: Allows your image to cover the desired area, edge to edge.  This printing technique is warranted for 2 years.

      Screen Printing: involves applying solid color inks to the stock color fabric surface via a silk screen film. This process involves an initial Screen Set Up however the application of the ink has a minimal cost.   This is why the Screen Printing avenue is the top pick for multiple canopy orders.  This printing option has a 2 year warranty.

      ***Vector images are high definition graphic files that don't pixelate when the image is magnified to 1600%. These files usually end in .ai, .eps, or .pdf. Most graphic images are created as vector files so obtaining a vector image can be as easy as requesting it from your graphic designer. If this is not an option for you, we can reconfigure your low resolution graphics and make it print worthy. This is done on a per hour basis and this amount will be shown on the quote.

      Sometimes unfortunate circumstances occur. Premier Tents has an option to order frame parts or replacement tops so easy repair is quick and affordable.

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