Director's Chair Commercial Folding Chair 30 Inch Bar Height (Select Color)

Director's Chair Commercial Folding Chair 30 Inch Table Height (Select Color)

Director's Chair Commercial Folding Chair 30 Bar Height (Select Color)

This Timeless Causal Lifestyle Seating was born in the middle of the 19th Century. The Original Gold Medal design received the coveted gold medal for Product Excellence in Casual Furniture during the 1892 Chicago World's Fair. Hence the name Gold Medal was forever attached to this line of top quality American designed canvas furniture. Famous inventor Thomas Edison was often seen around campfires seated in a Gold Medal folding chair (Director Chair). Later on, the director chair accompanied our troops to the battlefields of the Spanish American war (1898) and both world wars. From history to Hollywood to homes and exhibit halls, America continues to embrace the versatility of this Gold Medal Director Chair.

Printed Backs Available under the Accessories Tab

Wood Frames - Hand selected white, clear hardwoods - 100% Birch

Wood Joints - hand fitted with steel underpinning - Flexibility and Durability

- Oversized 7/8 inch Stretchers

- Commercial Heavy Duty 16 oz. Cotton Canvas Covers - Load Tested 400 lbs. - Colorfast, Washable

- Stylish Contour Arm rests

- Heavy Steel Brackets on all critical joints

Self Contouring Seats: (15 x 19 1/2) and 7 Matching Canvas Backs - Removable

Gold-toned zinc-plated hardware is rust-resistant

Made in the USA.

3 Year Warranty.

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