6 ft High Wall Kennel Duplex Accessory Kit

6 ft High Wall Kennel Duplex Accessory Kit

Build it yourself and save money!

Shelter Logic Duplex panel system allows quick conversion of our 8 x 8' 6000 Series 6' wall Kennels to two 4 x 8' side-by-side Kennels.

Add a door or create the exact kennel footprint for your situation. Great way for separating dogs or quick set up of a multiple Kennel configuration.

Take a look:

  • Modular panels are 100% interchangeable with 6000 Series MDK 886 Kennels
  • Each heavy-duty, all steel, 1 square tubing with 2 welded mesh wire, carbon steel panel is bonded with DupontÍ thermoset powder coat finish that holds on tight, preventing chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion
  • Using only a 7/16 wrench, the Duplex Kit can be installed in minutes
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