2012NB - 12 Inch Planer Makita Tools

2012NB -  12 Inch Planer  Makita Tools

2012NB - 12 Planer Makita Tools

Interna-Lok™ Automated Head Clamp Eliminates Snipe

Compact and lightweight for easy transporting to the job-site
Fastest and easiest blade change system on the market; uses disposible double edge blades
Quietest (83dB) planer in its class
4-post design and diagonal cross supports for stability
Large table extensions to support the workpiece
Fully adjustable depth stop for repeat cuts
LED light indicates that the planer is plugged into the power source
Large and easy to operate paddle on/off switch
Disposable double edge planer blades
Easily adjustable cutting depth for precision planing
Detachable tool box for storage of the standard equipment
Optional dust hood enables dust collection system to be connected to planer


Planer blade set (793346-8)
2 ea. Magnetic Holder (762014-4)
Socket wrench (782203-5)
Hex wrench (783208-8)
Key (415715-0)
Detachable tool box


-Cutting Capacity Width 12"
-Depth 1/8"
-Thickness 6-3/32"
-No. of knives 2
-Table Size (WxL) 13" x 30-3/8"
-No Load RPM 8,500
-AMPS 15.0
-Size(W x H x L) 19-1/64" x 30-3/8 x

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